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Lyons sentenced


Kris Lyons of Moose Lake was sentenced by Judge Robert E. Macaulay Jr. for one DWI count from last August on Monday, February 11, in the Carlton County court.

Lyons, 59, had been arrested on August 15, 2012, and charged with two counts of DWI. She pled guilty to one count on January 2, 2013, and the other count was dismissed. The count was a gross misdemeanor.

Lyons was sentenced to the Carlton County jail for a term of one year, with the time to serve as 90 days. The remainder of the sentence was stayed for 275 days for two years. She received one day credit for time served.

The sentence will be staggered. She will serve the initial 30 days with credit for one day as arranged by probation. She will report to serve the balance of 60 days on September 9, 2013, with a review hearing at the same date and time.

Lyons will remain on supervised probation for two years, until February 11, 2015.

She was fined $1,500. With additional fees, Lyons paid a total of $1,615.

The conditions were given: No alcohol/controlled substance use, no possession of alcohol or drugs, random testing, follow all conditions set forth in the Probation Agreement, abide by all Special and General Conditions of the Probation Agreement, contact with probation, follow all instructions of probation, sign Probation Agreement, attend Alcoholics Anonymous, DWI clinic, Victim Impact Panel, no alcohol-related traffic offenses, make all future court appearances and appear for Review Hearing on September 9, 2013, and comply with the Ignition Interlock Program.


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