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By Al Rose 

Bombers use threes, free throws to sink Rebels


Dan Lingle

Moose Lake-Willow River Rebel Tony Adamczak goes for a layup.

The Barnum Bombers continued to be a one-loss team at 11-1 and Moose Lake-Willow River stayed as a six-win team at 6-4 as Barnum used superior three-point shooting and free throws to sink the Rebels by a score of 75-51 in Barnum on Thursday, January 10.

The Bombers, with three players in double figures and led by Brandon Newman’s 31 points, raced to a 30-18 lead in the first half. To the Rebels' credit in the game, they had 10 more buckets using a strong inside presence. The Rebels, with two players in double digits, were led by Tony Adamczak’s 19 points.

Barnum went 4-for-5 from threeland in the first and 5-for-8 on the long ball in the second half to win with a hot 9-for-13 (69 percent) on the three-pointers. The Rebels were 1-for-5 in the first half and 2-for-5 in the second half on the long ones to go just 3-for-10 (30 percent) for the game.

Meanwhile, ML-WR had the upper hand on the inside as the Rebels went a solid 7-for-14 (50 percent) in the first half in the paint and really heated it up in the second half at 10-for-19 (53 percent). The Rebels went 17-for-33 (52 percent) on the inside for the game. Barnum only had 3-for-14 and 9-for-18 by halves in its inside game for 12-for-32 (38 percent) in the paint.

Sixteen points of difference came at the free throw stripe. Barnum went 12-for-14 and 12-for-17 by halves from the line for a fine 24-for-31 (77 percent) for the game from the stripe. ML-WR had its trouble at 10-for-6 in the first half and 7-for-11 in the second half for only 8-for-17 (47 percent) in the game from the line.

The Bombers out-rebounded the Rebels 10-4 in the first half, but the Rebels out-rebounded the Bombers 14-11 in the second half for just 21-18 in favor of Barnum for the game. Steals and assists were pretty close as Barnum had a slight 7-6 edge in the half on the take-aways and 2-1 in the second half for a difference of 9-7 in the game. The assists found Bombers with only one clean assist in the first half and ML-WR with two passes for scores in the half. Both teams fired five passes for scorers in the second half as the Rebels came out one ahead on the readily apparent scoring plays with a 7-6 edge in the game.

Barnum did a better job taking care of the basketball as they had half a dozen throwaways in the first half, but only one lost possession in the second half for a very manageable seven turnovers for the game. The Rebels had trouble with eight in the first half and five in the second half for a baker’s dozen turnovers in the game.

The following represents points (including three-pointers), rebounds, steals and assists for the Bombers. Newman: 31 (three three-pointers), 6, 3, 1; Daniel Warpula: 14 (three three-pointers), 3, 1, 2; Zachary Carlson: 12 (one three-pointer),1, 1, 1; Nicholas Jelinek: 7 (one three-pointer), 1, 1, 0; Tory Slater: 5 (one three-pointer), 1, 2, 0; Dakota Haley: 3, 3, 0, 0; Samuel Anderson: 2, 5, 0, 2; and John Zmyslony: 1, 1, 0, 0.

The following represents points (including three-pointers), rebounds, steals and assists for the Rebels. Adamczak: 19 (one three-pointer), 0, 0, 1; Matt Mach: 10 (two three-pointers), 1, 2, 2; Jake Disterhaupt: 8, 3, 0, 1; Ezra Szczyrbak: 7, 2, 0, 1; John Zinter: 4, 6, 0, 1; Michael Pender: 2, 4, 1, 1; Ike Pederson: 1, 1, 1,0; and Ethan Hibke: 0, 1, 0, 0.


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