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'Blizzard of Kindness' coming to Moose Lake


Lois Johnson

First grade students singing a Russian song at the Blizzard of Kindness Kickoff.

Moose Lake Elementary School kicked off a Blizzard of Kindness in memory of the victims at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Connecticut, on Friday, January 4.

The Blizzard of Kindness is part of a monthly program of kickoffs at Moose Lake Elementary, where students learn to achieve positive attitudes and kindness for others.

The program was held at the auditorium at the school. A video, with six students from Mr. Borak’s third grade class acting out the parts, was shown. The actors played out situations where strife can be turned to kindness for others.

The students were asked to think of ways that they could be kind to others. “Don’t forget to smile, you may make another’s day better,” they were told.

Two students sang Christmas songs, and the students from the first and third grades sang songs during the program. The Big Shoe Award was presented to students who earned a free phy ed period.

Students that have been caught being Above the Line, where teachers find students that are going above and beyond to help in the school, were presented with honors.

The high school students will also be involved in the Snowflakes of Kindness. Snowflakes listing acts of kindness by the students will line the halls as each act is performed.

The program ended with a pep rally for the Vikings and the Packers, who were facing off in a playoff game the following day.


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