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By Al Rose 

Runner-up Rebels celebrate


Part 2: Moose Lake-Willow River football Head Coach Dave Louzek continued with the awards from December 16 at Willow River. “Everyone of these guys would not get these kinds of awards without the support they get from each other and everyone else,” he said.

New to the Rebels awards this year were Legacy Leadership Awards. Louzek explained, “For example, they would get positive points if they get an A or 3.5 mid-term test or higher. A big part of building points in classroom work. They would lose points for something like an F or a detention. The guys were divided up into teams. The Legacy Shockers ran away with it this year by over 10,000 points." Members of the Shockers were Jake Blais, John Zinter, Isaac Coil, Trevor Bailey, Joe Gebhart, Kole Milczark, Zach Paull, Ethan Hibke, Brennen Sylvester, Brennen Newham, Michael Pender, J.J. Sayler, Brad Fossum and Rose Cisar.

The individual point winner was Tony Adamczak with 18,000 points. Ike Pederson had 14,000. All-Conference All-Academic honorees were Layne Johnson, Micah Van Zee and Ben Moonen. Josh Pettersen made Academic.

Polar League All-Conference players were Jake Disterhaupt, Jake Christopherson, Michael Pender, Tony Adamczak, Michael Gassert, Zach Paull and Ezra Szczyrbak.

Spotlight on Scholarship Awards were received by ninth graders Frankie White, Brennen Sylvester, Chet Morgan, Max Kenney and Thomas Hansen. Tenth grade recipients were Jake Blais, Jeremiah Chavez, David Moonen, Gabe Douglas, Kody Gerard, Teddy Ryan, Brad Fossum and Josh Butterfield.

The juniors receiving the award were Ike Pederson, Trevor Bailey, Ezra Szczyrbak, Hunter Herzog, Brett Hawkins, Jon Evenson and Josh Leonard.

The seniors receiving the Spotlight on Scholarship Awards were Jake Christopherson, Ben Moonen, Tony Adamczak, Layne Johnson, Micah Van Zee, Michael Pender, Brennen Newham, Kyle Newman, Isaac Coil, Zach Paull, Jerry Young, Jake Disterhaupt and Matt Bednar.

Coach Louzek spoke briefly about the importance of Scout Team players. “We do have a lot of Scout Team players,” he said. “We need that to be successful. The Scout Team’s players’ roles are important. Everybody has to do their part." Scout Team awards went to the following players: John Zinter, Dan Leino, Isaac Coil, Brennen Newham, Brett Hawkins Ryan Johnson, Jerry Young, Matt Bednar, David Moonen, Zach Schwarzbauer, J.J. Sayler and Kyle Newman.

The 101% Iron Man Awards were earned by the following: Jake Disterhaupt, Michael Gassert, John Zinter, Isaac Coil, Layne Johnson, Ezra Szczyrbak, Zach Paull, Jake Christopherson, Micah Van Zee, Jerry Young, Ben Moonen, Jon Evenson, Michael Pender, Tony Adamczak and Josh Pettersen.

Jake Disterhaupt won the Mad Hog Award by one as he had three interceptions and one fumble recovery.

The Mad Dog point winner was Isaac Coil.

Coach Louzek explained a new award with a little humor. "When someone gets hit really hard we used to called that the ‘Nailed Award' and there’d be a nail in the board by their name," said the coach. "But after the hit Brett Hawkins took in the Marshall playoff game, we had to change the name of that award to his nickname, ‘Hawk.' As long as I am here it will be known as the 'Hawk Award.'" Along with Brett Hawkins, those so named were David Moonen, Matt Bednar, Michael Gassert, Trevor Bailey, Matt Bednar, Cody Monette, Micah Van Zee, Ezra Szczyrbak, Kyle Newman (twice), Ben Moonen (twice), Cameron Schmidt and Josh Pettersen.

The Hammer Awards for making large hits in individual games were earned by the following players: Jake Disterhaupt, Michael Pender, Zach Paull, Jerry Young, Dylan Lovegreen (twice), Isaac Coil, Michael Gassert, Isaac Coil, Cameron Schmidt, Jon Evenson and Jeremiah Chavez.

Prior to delivering the MVP Award, Coach Louzek stated, “The decisions were very tough to make with so many good athletes.” The JV MVP went to David Moonen. The Scout Team MVP was Alex Kenemore. The Most Improved Player was Brett Hawkins. The Offensive Line MVP was Jake Chtistopherson. The Defensive Line MVP was Ezra Szczyrbak. The Defesnive Team MVP was Jake Christopherson. The Offensive Team MVP was Michael Pender and the Team Offensive and Defensive MVP was Jake Disterhaupt.

“We have a new award that was given out last year and may not be given out every year,” explained Coach Louzek. "It’s the Unsung Hero Award. Last year that was Chris Gassert. This year’s Unsung Hero Award winner is Tony Adamczak.

"This is the best group, statistically, that we ever had here,” concluded the coach. “But it’s how you build a family that is important and that is what carries over. It has carried over and will need to continue to do that. The only thing they could have done better would have been to have won a State championship. By doing that (undefeated for four years) the best possible in four years would be 54-54. This group was 50-4. They played more games at the Metrodome, with (many) games played at Public School’s Stadium. This group has set a new bar.”


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