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December thoughts

Escape with Eddie


I gave a lot of thought to the article for this week. December of 2012 has been quite a month in our country. The news is full of tragedy — the end of the Mayan calendar, which has triggered thoughts of suicide, homicide, and great fear in the hearts of many people, and there are continuing wars and human suffering all over the world.

Yes, the other day as I was watching the news, there was a discussion of the December 21 end of the Mayan calendar. A mother was reported to be thinking of killing her children to avoid the horror of that day, marking the end of the world. Teens are thinking of suicide for the same reason — fear of things to come. It seems to be a driving force in people’s lives. Amidst the glitter of the holidays, fear is stalking the planet.

I have some Christmas wishes for the world. The foremost of these is this: Look for the goodness in others. I know, given the state of things globally, this seems kind of foolish. However, one of the surest ways to dispel fear is to gain knowledge and understanding of other people. Ultimately, all of us are connected by our humanity. We represent the finest, most complex part of creation. We are the jewels in the crown of Heaven. During this season we celebrate the wonder and joy of sharing with others. This is the season in most of the world where gifts are given in the name of love.

Yet, the news on TV brings us only the horrendous events of the world — fear the world will end on December 21. Well, here we are on December 27, that day has passed with the acknowledgement that we are still here. The Earth has not shattered, and our lives move forward.

December 21 does represent the end of the Mayan calendar. But, the day is also the beginning of a new time. When one calendar ends, another begins. Changes always come at the end of an era. When centuries roll over into a new and promising future, we revel in that knowledge. It is important to remember who is at the helm on this planet. I don’t think the local herd of deer, hiding in the woods, is in charge of global decisions. No, it is the frailty of humanity that is holding the reins.

Holiday time news has been filled with fiscal cliffs, chemical weapons, and man’s inhumanity to man. Through all of history, our fellow humans have progressed through unbelievable odds to arrive at our present time. We have survived wars, epidemics, natural disasters, and manmade disasters. The reason we survive is quite simple. The driving force for survival is love.

I propose this holiday season that each of us focus on how we can make the world a better place. We do have a modicum of control over our decisions on how to live. We can have impact on other people by our own behavior. We have the power to offer a helping hand to another. We can strive forward and find ways to have peace and contentment in our own homes. World peace and fiscal responsibility begin somewhere, and I truly believe in starts with each of us personally. When personal decisions are made with sound reasoning and judgment, then sound decisions are made collectively. Thoughts of peace and prosperity start individually and move forward into the community. War and suffering in one country impacts us all.

If we want change, it will start in our own hearts.


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