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All I want for Christmas ...

Willow River Elementary School letters to Santa


First grade, class of Erin Nordstrom

I would like a lalaloopey doll. I would like a hamster. And some candy too please.


I’m doing good. How are you doing? For crismis I wot a laptop and a IPad and a Drt bick and a toy cruck. Tank you for oll the toyz.


How are you doin todey? I am just great. I have been really nice all year long. I am wondering if at all possible could I please have pokemon considering my request.

Sincerely Roux

I would like a princess doll.


I would like 3 puppies.


I wud like a 3DS and a Super Mario sticker stin.


May I Have A Cinderella Doll and a horse carriage Christmas.


Can I have a motorcycle and a dog and a cat. I would really appreciate it.


I love Santa. Can I have a wii game called Just dance 3 and a 3DS game called Mario Paper Sticker star and MarioCart 7 and Mario 3Dland.


I would like to have a 3DS with a Mario sticker Strar with a morio Kart.


How are you doing today? I am good. Want am moter teand a dirt bike and an iPad


How are you doing today? I am Just great! I am wondering if you could give me a robot for Christmas. Thank you so much!


How arE you? I am just Fine! I Have been so goob. Can I pleas Have a Box filld with fethrs


How are you doing to day? I am cold, please can I have an Ipod

Sincerely, Lillian

How are you doing? I am doing fine. I have been reall nice this year. I want a lalaloopsy silly hair doll and a box of feathers and a ipad for Christmas thank you Santa


How are you doing today? I Wish For a American girl Doll anD a soccer ball anD a Computer.


How are you doing? I’m doing fine. I want a grave digger truck and an Xbox 360 and a cat.


First grade, class of Amy Thompson

I Love you. I want a fosll uf ash. I want a crosdow with a ro40gras. I want a snac. I want a scythe. I want a crabshell. I want the bigis fethr an the stat. I want a bolldeglls.

Vincent P.

I have been good. I woeld licke a racethack.


Santa I been very good. I want a Bratz doll with a horse! I want an American Girl doll! And a puppy.


I want Lincoln Logs. I want tinker toys. I want a stretcher. I want candyland. I want a schateboard.


I Love a Barbie that sings. I want Baby dolls and a crib for my Baby. I will want a stocking full of candy. I want a twin doll.


I would like you to Get me D.S. Game’s. Jast To worn you I have been a very good Girl. I Believe in you Santa! Please Get me what I want Santa. I love you santa.

Ava I.

Lisa Frank Pet Shop teacher’s Pet, Pet Shop STIckERS, STIckERS, liSa Frank StIckERS, CANDY StIckERS, October StIckERS

Lauryn M.

I want a doll. I want a dog. I want a ipad. I want baby clothes. I want a Stroller. I want a cat. I want a Lizard.

Maija Z.

I want a Santa doll and Unicorn and a teddy ber, a dog cat.


I, would, like, a IPod IPad Ifon. White nike shocks. Coly helmet Coly Pads Coly gloves I want sum snow Poots.

Dawson F.

I have be very good! I want a WWe champion bet! I want a brol and buddy! I want some NfL gufs I want a bicycle! I want some lesgos! I want some bonickls!

Nolan N.

What I wont for Christmis is a tomas the tran toy.

Ryan M.

I’Ve been very good this year. here is my list. Legos, yoyo, necklace. merry Christmas. be sure to tell yore Reindeer Hi for me.

LoVe Argus

Hav a mere Krmismis. I want a Lizard. I want a Frog and a jeep. I want a wolf toy. shark.


I want a snake and a gold fish I want a garrot and a alligator. I want a four wheeer and a dirt bike. I want a wiiu.

Caleb O.

Second grade, class of Mary Mach

Dear Santa

thank you for the toys Santa. I’m being very good! I’d Like a official Pro NFL fottball. I’m cleaning up, listening, and building. How Do you travel all around the world?

From Avery


Dear Santa,

Thank you for my stuffd pig and my teddy bear. I’m being good by reading to the kids at day care. I help clean. I would like a notepad, a stuffed puppy dog, and a Monster high doll. How long does it take you to go around the world?

Love Harmony


Dear Santa

Thank you for the race track 2 years ago. I been HelPing my brothr. I would like a football from The NfL. How are you doing?

From James


Dear santa

Thank you for all you have done. How I’m being good I am being Nice to eveone. Wii games and a playhouse. how are the reindeer.

Love, Kelsey


Dear Santa

Thank you for all the stuff you got me last year. I help my mom wash Dishes. I would like a camera for chistmas. how old are you I am 8 and how are the raindeers?

Love, Brooklyn


Dear Santa

Thank you for candy and play doo and the other toys you gave me how I am being good by helpin gfeeding the dog doing the dishes and going to bed on time helping with my brother What I’d like for christmas an I pod touch and the hole shimer set question for santa how old are you I am 7 years old and how are the raindeer doing to Thank you for all the stuff

Love Alexis


Dear Santa

Thank you for getting me my American Girl Doll. How I’m being good I do My Hom work. what I’b like for christmas a puzzle. an ornament a capd book and American Girl Doll stuf Question for Santa huow are your reinbeer doeing?

Love, Emily A.


Dear, Santa,

Thank you for the paper jam. I help do the dishis. I’d like a castel X jackit. I hope you injoy the cookeis.

Love, Sarah


Dear SANtA

I want A tablet And A I Pod And A lot of Legos And A Laptop An a I Phone. thank you for the 3DS Last year. I take out the garbij I would Like A cAstel X jAket How Ar you doing? How is rudolf?

From Colton


Dear santa,

Thank you for getting me a LPS home. I do my home work I’d like a Monster High Doll, a Barbie Doll Dream House, an American Girl, a white dog with a bone, Chapter Books, Justice headphones, and Castle X jacket How are your reindeer doing?

Love, Lexi K.


Dear Santa,

Thank you for coming last year. Santa i’m being good Waiting for you. and I have a questio nfor you can you come and see me on Christmas night? I Want a one direction CD and a Big Piano and a blue and pink castle X Jacket and a Real live puppy and a baby brother and sister and a IPad and a IPod and a IPhone and a bunny in a cage and a laptop and a teacher Play house What teacher’s really have inside it. Thank you.

Love, Brianna


Dear Santa,

Thank you for the Toy last year that you gave me. This year I want a castleX Jacket. I’m being a good example in line. How do your reindeer fly?

love Gavin


Dear Santa,

Thank you for the iPod last year. I ben Helping out. I would like for Christms is a Pink castle X Jacket and a kids Bow and arrow. How do you deliver All Those presents?

Love, Hannah


Dear Santa,

Thank you for the toys you gave Me Last Christmas. I’m being good by cleaning the table and Listening to My Mom. This year I would like some book, a inside dog, and some new dresses. How are your reindeer?

Love Laura


Dear Santa,

Thank you for everything, I toke the garbage, I want a renote control Legos, X Box 360, an I Pad and an I Pod.How are you?

Love, Michael


Dear Santa,

Thank you for the see in the dark binoculars. I take out the garbage. I’d like a wii. How are the reineer doing?

From, Oliver


Dear Santa,

Thank you for everthing. I would like a bike, a bike helmet and a baby doll. I am being good at school. Am I on the Good List?

Love, Hailey


Dear Santa

I want a Monster High Doll BarBie Doll Dream house American girl Doll Castle X coat Justice headphones thank you for the christmas gifts last year. I am doing my home work. How are you doing?

Love Malori

Second grade,

class of Karissa Twining

Dear Santa,

Thank  you for the clothes and a credit card from last year. I’m being good by for the erath and I help my Mom. I would like this year is a dogie and a I pad and a supris present. How do you make all those toys?

Love Amanda


Dear Santa,

Thank you for the gitar you gave me last year. How I’m being good is help peopple put up their chrismas tree and help with the horses and ponys. What I’d like for chrismas is a stuft black stallion that looks just like Shadow, a toy phone that has a black stallion on the front please. Dows Roudolph realy have a shiny nose?

love, Katie


Dear Santa,

Thank you for The lotion last year. I’m being good doing chors. I would like an Ipad and a new game for my dsi for christmas. what do yoy do in the sumer?

Love, Tyler


Dear Santa,

Thank you for the cumputur. Im being good becuas I wash the dishis. Id Like a noe cumpudor and A car remot kuntroL and Barbie Play hoes. Are You reeol?

Love, Marisol


Dear Santa,

Thank you for the cowboy boot from last year. I’m being good dy halping my dad at the farm. This year I want Lego samiy tuck. How many mils do you Fly?

Love, John


Dear Santa,

Thank you for the nail polish that you gave me last year. I’m being good by helping mom. I would like an ipad and DS for christmas. How long do you sleep in the summer?

Love, Destiny


Dear Santa,

Thank you four the bebe gun you gave me last yer. I’m being good by helping Ashley and daddy with my sister. I wold like bebes four my bebe gun four cristmas. how long have you been maryed to mis. clauis?

Love, Alexis


Dear Santa

Thanks for the Dirt Bike last yeAr. I’m being good dy wacHing My sister Id like A ipad And A ipod for Chirsmas. How do You make mottls of ships?

Love Kaleb


Dear Santa,

Thak you for the fishing Pole last year. Im Being good by treating other kids the way I want to Be treaed. wot I for chritmas is a remot big truk and Plane How do randear fly.

Love David


Dear Santa,

Thank you for the wii last year. I’m being good by helping mom. I would like a ds and a kroke for christmas. How do you get down the chimney?

Love, Breanna


Dear Santa

Thank you The For The dolehouse from Last year. I’m being good by helping my baby brovers and sisttre. Thes year I wold like Lose of games. How Do your railhdeer fly?

Love Ashley


Dear Santa,

Thank you for the babyalive from last year. I’m being good by not lieing. What I wan’t for Christmas is a Baby alive that talks and drinks and I would like or besto. Thank you. Do you shave your berd in the sumuer?

Sincerely, Karlee


Dear Santa

Thank you for the Movies that you gave me last year. I’m being good by tring hard in School. I would like wiiu and Angre bird stufe Will you bring rodth to my house?

Love, Jacen


Dear Santa,

Thank you for the baskit ball hoop that you gave me last year. I,m being good by listing to my techer. I want Lego’s for christmis this year. what do your elf’s look like?

Love, Jayden


Dear Santa,

Thank you for The bunny with the carrot That you gave me last year. I’m being good by boing the dishis. What I like for christmas is a Phone and Glow in The dark gak. I whont to nowe how mene Rander and elfs do you have?

Love, Morgan


Dear Santa,

Thank you for the monster truk from Last yer. I help mom do Dishes. What I’d like for Christmas is a remot control plan. How do your reindeer fly?

Love, Aaron


Dear Santa,

Thank you for the 3ds you got last year. I’m being good by cling my room wen my mom ses. I would like a fhon for Christmas. How do the reandeer fly?

Love, Colby


Dear Santa,

Thank You for the toy pup you gave me last year. I’m being good By doing chors. I’d like an IPad and a pohe For Chismas. What Do your RainDir Look Like?

Love, Konnie


Dear Santa

Thank you for making me an air year. I’m being good by being asked I wont an ipahone for christmas How do being asked I wont an iphone for christmas How do you get around The world in one night?

Love’ Levi


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