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This is the time of year when my feet begin to itch. Closing down the garden is right on the horizon and I begin to get that wanderlust to travel to faraway places. Lately, I haven’t had much opportunity. With the knees playing havoc and my purse bereft of funds, I seem to be Minnesota bound. However, I do miss my favorite palm tree in Florida and I’d like to feel that powdered sugar sand between my toes.

Yes, indeed, the west coast of Florida is the place to be as the weather starts to get nippy in the evenings. I even had to load the big plants into the house to prevent frostbite. Now that says a lot about the evening temperatures. Gone are the muggy days of summer, and on the horizon is the nip of autumn in the air with just a touch of Jack Frost in the early morning hours.

I’ve been doing typical autumn things — visiting the Autumn Winds artists at touring their galleries, and canning beans and raspberry jam. The trees are beginning to get some color, so it really is a treat to drive the back roads of Minnesota. I am not, however, looking forward to a frost-nipped nose and the slick touch of snow beneath my feet. I’m getting too old for this nonsense. My idea of winter frolic is to sit with a book and hot cocoa in front of the fire, toasting my tootsies and petting the cats. It hardly seems as if it’s almost time to start the fireplace and settle in for the winter.

Things are not exactly looking perfect in my basement, but it’s a far cry from the mess due to flooding. Don is working on each room, working on the recovery stage after flooding. My office still has furniture in the middle of the room, but why move it to the walls when it will just have to be moved again?

These nippy mornings have me thankful we have a home, a hearth, and a houseful of warm critters to keep us warm. Our outside cat, TomTom (named this for obvious reasons), has been hanging around the back deck more and more. He is angling for a roost inside for the winter. TomTom will soon be making a visit to Frank the vet, for attitude adjustment before we can even think about indoor living. He and our elder cat, Slick, are working on peace negotiations from opposite sides of the screens. Things have quieted a bit, but there still is that old rivalry thing that boy cats get into from time to time.

The garden is beginning to show signs of drying up and freezing off. One really hates to think about it, but at least the weeds don’t grow in the winter time. The one pre-winter job I just have to get at is cleaning out my car. It has become just a tad messy inside from hauling things. The dashboard is as dusty as an old barn full of hay. Every summer I tell myself the same message — I need to clean the car. Every summer I keep putting this delightful event off for a future day. I think the future has arrived, because I am finding some rather extraneous items in the car which don’t seem to serve any useful purpose.

Perhaps there is a connection between my wanderlust to walk on Florida beaches and the eminent need to clean out the interior of the car. It’s really something when you feel the need to travel 1,500 miles to avoid doing a simple chore. The simple solution is to clean the car, neuter the cat, and settle in for a long winter’s nap.


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