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Shamrock Landfill accepting storm-related waste at a special rate


Shamrock Landfill is accepting storm-related waste at a special rate for Carlton County residents. The landfill will accept all construction, demolition and related waste (items such as storm-damaged carpet, mattresses, furniture, clothing, and tree waste) for a special rate of $6.50 per cubic yard. County residents need to provide a drivers license or ID to get the special rate.

Residents are responsible for taking their waste to the landfills themselves.

Richard O ’Gara,president of SKB Environmental,the parent company for the landfill,said the arrangement was worked out with Carlton Commissioner Tom Proulx. Shamrock Landfill also agreed to accept storm-related Carlton County vehicles for free.

A separate program allows residents of the City of Cloquet to bring their storm-related waste to the landfill without charge.

The special rates do not apply to commercial haulers.Commercial loads will be accepted at the landfill ’s normal gate rate of $8.00 per cubic yard.

In addition, the facility will accept the following items at per item prices:

White goods/appliances, $40 per item

Tires, $10 per tire

Batteries, $5 per battery

Minnesota Pollution Control Agency has granted Shamrock a special approval to accept these storm-related wastes for approximately two weeks. Therefore, this special rate and arrangement is available until Friday, July 6. The facility will be open seven days a week from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Payments will beaccepted from residents only with cash or check (no credit cards).

Shamrock Landfill is at 761 Minnesota Highway 45 in Cloquet. It can be accessed through its Highway 45 entrance, just south of the Park & Ride.The landfill ’s phone number is (218) 878 -0112.


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