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Senior skip day prompts emergency meeting


The Willow River school board held an emergency meeting Thursday, May 17, which was convened as a result of 19 senior class students taking part in a “senior skip day.” The board discussed canceling the senior class overnight camping trip because of this action by the members of the senior class.

A number of students were present at the meeting, as well as several parents. Concerns were expressed that canceling the senior trip was too severe a consequence of the senior skip day. Many of the parents whose children skipped school had written excuses for their absence. School board members made clear their thought skipping school was an unexcused absence, whether the students had parental permission or not.

After a great deal of discussion, as well as some venting of feelings, a compromise was reached. All of the senior class members who skipped school agreed to sit in a detention period after the senior class graduation practice on Friday.

It was decided, for future reference, that a school policy will be written and added to the policy manual for the school district to include language prohibiting senior skip day. The language will also address the consequences if students disregard the policy.

As a result of the emergency board meeting, the senior class camping trip will take place either at Timberline Camp Grounds or Jay Cooke State Park.

The site of the trip will be determined during the next week.


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