The Moose Lake and Willow River School boards unanimously passed a resolution on Wednesday, Dec 9 for school sports amid the various school learning models. 

The two boards discussed a variety of ideas and opinions such as whether to include the junior varsity sports and to what extent. 

“The number one thing I send my kids to school for is an education,”  Ben Anderson, Moose Lake School board member said. “Anything else is extra.” He added that he does support the resolution allowing varsity sports.

Willow River School board member, Connie Mikrot, asked the coaches if there is enough space in the gym to safely have both varsity and junior varsity teams in the building at the same time for games.

Head boys basketball coach, Wes Cummins, said he prefers to start slowly with only the varsity and keep the number of students gathered in the gym low.

Several board members said they agree with the coach. 

The resolution states that:

All student athletic activities are on pause when there is distance learning for all students and no students in the school building.

Varsity games and practices are allowed when there is distance learning and some students are in the building, such as the daycare for tier one essential workers. This is the current learning model.

Junior varsity is allowed to practice during hybrid learning for elementary students and distance learning for secondary students.

All practices, scrimmages and games for both varsity and junior varsity are allowed during the hybrid learning model for all students, in person for elementary and hybrid for secondary students and all in person learning models for all students.

The boards normally meet once a year to discuss the sports cooperative, but this is the third time this year, according to Billie Jo Steen, Moose Lake School superintendent.

The two school districts have had a sports cooperative for about 35 years. She said the cooperative governs all high school sports except hockey in normal times. However, this resolution does include hockey.

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