Moose Lake Willow River track and field team participated in the Chengwatana 2021 meet in Pine City on Friday, April 23. The girl’s team rankings are: 1st Pine City-157; 2nd Mora-108; 3rd Milaca-80; 4th Moose Lake Willow River-35; and 5th Rush City-17. The boy’s team rankings are: 1st Mora-143.5; 2nd Pine City-100.5; 3rd MLWR-69; 4th Milaca-52; and 5th Rush City-27.

Girl’s Events

4x800 Meter Relay

1st MLWR 11:09.93

100 Meter

6th Skyla Thompson 14.36

13th Lilly Petty 15.96

1600 Meter

5th Shannon Granquist 6:16.26

6th Brooklyn Wasche 6:17.14

10th Lilly Petty 6:42.86

11th Ellie Nielsen 6:54.15

4x100 Meter Relay

4th MLWR 57.57

300-Meter Hurdles

1st Skyla Thompson

800 Meter

3rd Kelli Granquist

8th Ellie Nielsen

200 Meter

6th Alivia Menten 30.52

Long Jump

15th Evelyn Johnson 11-04.25

Triple Jump

5th Evelyn Johnson 24-03.00

Shot Put

13th Malea Jerry


4th Malea Jerry 70-09

Boy’s Events

100 Meter

7th Jackson Thompson 12.45

9th Kaden Robbins 12.78

12th Adam Olson 12.87

15th Austin Johnson 13.31

4x200 Meter Relay

1st MLWR

1600 Meter

1st Maverick Koecher 4:57.03

3rd Joseph Mikrot 5:07.33

10th Johnathan Danelski 5:49.07

4x100 Meter Relay

3rd Moose Lake 47.96

400 Meter

2nd Grant Pettit 55:43

800 Meter

1st Joseph Mikrot 2:13.00

4th Daniel Mikrot 3:08.64

200 Meter

4th Grant Pettit 24.72

9th Jackson Schmidt 26.02

12th Austin Johnson 27.09

3200 Meter

2nd Maverick Koecher 10:56.53

Long Jump

7th Grant Pettit 17-08.50

12th Nick Juszak 16-00.00

Shot Put

3rd Brody Motz 37-01.00

7th Adam Olson 32-04.00

8th Ben Steen 31-09.00

9th Austin Johnson 29-08.00

12th Ray Bloom 27-02.00 


10th Ben Steen 75-11

11th Blake Overland 73-05

14th Ray Bloom 52-03

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