Polar League Conference cross country meet

In the above photo Joseph Mikrot pictured at left and Shawn Bailey shown at right are two All-Conference runners. The team participated in the meet at Lake View Golf Course in Two Harbors on October 3.


Polar League Conference meet was held on Thursday, October 3, at Lake View Golf Course in Two Harbors. The Polar League teams were split into two groups of runners. South Ridge, Cromwell, McGregor, and Wrenshall/Carlton started at 11:00 a.m. The second group of runners from North Shore, Moose Lake Willow River Barnum and Esko started at 1:00 p.m. Then all the times of all the runners were combined for the results.  

Maverick Koecher, Joseph Mikrot, Shawn Bailey, and Rayna Klejeski were MLWRB all-conference runners. 

Varsity Boys: 

Maverick Koecher (2nd place) 17:57.5 

Joseph Mikrot (9th place) 19:08.2 

Shawn Bailey (10th place) 19:09.5 

Connor Clausen 19:35.4 

Johnny Danelski 20:06.6 

Gavin Thiry 20:14.9 

Zach Youngs 21:02.1 

Ryden Anderson 21:06.2 

 Varsity Girls: 

Rayna Klejeski (7th place) 22:21.9 

Shannon Granquist 23:45.5 

Kelli Granquist 23:49.6 

Kyra Hanson 24:38.8 

Ella Heaton 24:50.4 

Lillia Jordon 25:53.7 

Ellie Nielsen 25:55.8 

Delaney Koecher 27:14.9 

Junior Varsity Boys: 

Murray Salzer (1st place) 20:17.8 

Eli Youngs (4th place) 21:00.8 

Elliott Wasche (6th place) 21:18.1 

Tanner Kircher (9th place) 21:41.0 

Daniel Mikrot (10th place) 21:53.6 

Carl Halverson 21:56.8 

Magnus Koecher 22:14.7 

Chet Giersdorf-Thompson 22:58.6 

Max Petry 24:39.5 

Anson Vargo 25:28.1 

Junior Varsity Girls: 

Brooklyn Wasche (5th place) 25:19.0 

Sophie Gunderson (7th place) 25:27.0 

Addie Hanson 28:27.0 

Addison Geil 28:52.0 

Junior High Boys 2.2K: 

Sol Cloutier (10th place) 07:04.3 

Kyson Landwehr 07:35.7 

Matthew Bohnsack 07:40.5 

Ray Hennriquez 08:16.4 

Jack Farrell 11:02 

Junior High Girls 2.2K: 

Brooklyn Peterson (6th place) 7:26.0 

Sam Krueger (10th place) 07:35.4 

Abby Vargo 08:26.7

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