Alanea White

Tis the season for thankfulness and expressing gratitude. 

In my, most likely unpopular, opinion Christmas tends to swallow up every day after Halloween and we forget about the season of thankfulness that is supposed to fall in the fall between spooky season and the new year. Usually, this straight shot into Christmas gets me really down in the dumps, but this year I have decided to change that attitude. My outlook is going to be hopeful.

This year has had several ups and many downs in our house, but every day is a gift. Psychologists have said that it takes 21 days to form a new habit and starting this feast season I am going to take those 21 days to make a habit of looking at things with a grateful heart. 

Too often it is easiest to get caught up in the day-to-day negativity or focus on what is going wrong in the week. December for me is going to start off with a list of positive energy and things that I am grateful for. 

To kick off this positivity practice here is a quick five minute jump start on my list of things that I am grateful for:

Team White, we have had a tough year, but that has only made us stronger together. 

The amazing things that medical science is doing for us. We have had an extra two and a half years with my dad because of the advances in medicine. 

The fantastic crew of editors at all of the newspapers in the Northstar Media newspaper “family.”

Touch-less payment applications, not only are they super crazy technology, they make me not need to carry a purse around everywhere I go!

The Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden Facebook page, for filling my news-feed with hippos and other adorable animal activities. 

The amazing new freelance writing crew who have come to help me bring you the local news.

Community members and readers of the Moose Lake Star-Gazette. 

Drive-thru coffee windows

Radio presets being adjustable, so that I can avoid Christmas music stations for just a few more days. 

Take just a few minutes and make your own list to join me in looking at each new day with a grateful heart!

Alanea WHite is the editor of the Moose Lake Star-Gazette. She loves hearing about upcoming community events from readers. Her email is


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