Alanea White

As a lady of a certain age I often get concerned questions and glances from fellow citizens when they find out that I am single and have no children.  (No this is not an invitation for suggestions or applications to change this.) If I am being truthful I can honestly say that I have no desire to have children of my own. 

I can appreciate that raising children is a lot of work. I can also appreciate that it takes a special person to raise a child correctly. I know that these are not things that I want to do myself. I will of course unfailingly support those of my acquaintance that have decided that these tasks are for them. 

This week has shown me that what I had thought all along is definitely true, I make an awesome auntie!

Several friends have children and I do my best to be the cool aunt that sends them fun things and will someday take them to get their first tattoo or on their first road trip. I like the thought of feeding a kid a bunch of sugary treats for a few hours and then dropping them back off at home. 

My brother is going to be on the receiving end of the effects of this after a week long visit from my fur niece. 

The week in the “White house” has officially gone to the dogs. 

We have one dog in residence, but this week there has been a pups party of two and it has been double trouble when it comes to shenanigans happening. Trouble and shenanigans were exactly what we have been missing here in this old house for a while. 

The girls seem to egg each other on, where one goes the other is sure to follow. They are happiest tussling about the living room and haven’t a care in the world, not for the toys scattered through the house or for the table with my favorite cup carefully placed on it.

The best story so far is of Papa White trying to pick up the toy piles from around the house so that the robot vacuum could do its stuff in the morning. His visiting grandpup wasn’t ready to give up on play time. She wanted nothing to do with clean up, so for every toy he picked up she took one and moved it back around the living room. 

Their antics have lead to an interesting week. Two forty pound piles of attitude greeting you when you get home isn’t really such a bad thing.  In fact it really puts a shine on a day that has been dragging on and too hot for comfort. Maybe this could be a new meaning of the “dog days of summer”?

This week might have gone to the dogs, but that isn’t such a bad thing. 

Alanea White is the editor of the Moose Lake Star-Gazette. She loves hearing from community members about things happening in the area. The best way to reach her is by email at


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