Alanea White

This week I was able to interview Brad Hubred, a teacher at Moose Lake Community School, about a ceremony that he is working hard to bring to Moose Lake called the Blue Ribbon Ceremony. 

Talking with Brad, I realized that I could and should take more time to share with others how they positively impact my life. 

During our conversation I remembered the extensive amount of training that I went through as a resident advisor on my college campus for suicide prevention. The goal of all of these trainings was to remind us that we could have the hard conversations and that sometimes asking a question could save a life. 

The last year for many has been difficult, with increased social isolation, so as we are all coming back together in a way we are learning again how to be social. In my mind this is the perfect opportunity to make some changes in the way that we interact with one another. 

I will be the first to admit that I personally in an introvert and would much rather interact with a paper back book than any person on the planet. After talking with Brad about the “Who I am Makes a Difference ®” Blue Ribbons I hope that I can personally make some changes in how I interact with others. 

Treating others with kindness is easy, remembering that we don’t know what others are going through is fairly simple, but sharing how others personally impact you gets emotionally blurry and is much more difficult. 

In the last few weeks I have gotten more than one note thanking me for the work that I do here at the paper. Those notes mean so much to me! I have started a dedicated area in my office to keep them handy. Much like the Blue Ribbon that Brad gave me during my honoring ceremony, sometimes having a small physical reminder that what you do, or who you are matters to others goes a long way to brighten a difficult day.  

First, thank you for those who reached out to me and let me know that what I do here at the Star-Gazette has impacted them! Next, I wanted to encourage each of you to think about how people surrounding you make a difference in your life. If you feel comfortable share with them the ways that they make you feel, how they encourage you and all of the positives that they bring to your daily life. 

Remember, just a few words could save a life! For more information on the Blue Ribbon Ceremony check out the story about Brad on pages one and two of this paper!

Alanea White is the editor of the Moose Lake Star-Gazette. She loves hearing from community members about upcoming events. Her email is


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