A woman faces charges of felony assault of a peace officer and felony assault of hospital emergency personnel – along with DWI and other charges – after a traffic stop led to a biting attack on a state trooper. 

According to the criminal complaint filed in Pine County Court, on May 29 a Minnesota State Patrol trooper responded to a driving complaint on Interstate 35 near the Pine County/Carlton County border. 

A white Silverado pickup with a Fond du Lac plate had just been reported stolen from the Black Bear Casino in Carlton County. A female suspect was reportedly driving and was swerving all over the road, nearly hitting the 911 caller. Law enforcement also received a report that the female driver had just threatened to stab the clerk at the Barnum Minit Mart in Carlton County. 

The trooper located the vehicle near mile marker 213 in Pine County, and noted it was traveling 83 miles per hour in a 70 mile-per-hour zone. The trooper initiated a traffic stop, approached the vehicle with his gun drawn, and saw the female driver – later identified as Alyssa Nicole Beaulieu, 26, of Minneapolis –  drinking the liquid left in a clear plastic cup. 

According to the trooper, she looked out the window and asked, “Are you going to ------- shoot me?” She complied with commands to put her hands out the window and get out of the vehicle. When the trooper approached and instructed her to put her hands behind her back, she was verbally uncooperative. She pulled away when he attempted to gain control of her hands to detain her. The female driver turned to go back in the vehicle and was instructed not to. She had watery eyes and the smell of an alcoholic beverage was coming from her as she spoke. 

The female driver gave the trooper a name that was not on file. The female driver rapidly switched from laughing and joking to crying and being angry and verbally aggressive. She yelled over the trooper  as he tried to ask her questions. She actively pulled away from the trooper and dropped her body weight to the ground. When finally placed in the squad, she attempted to kick the trooper as he closed the door. The female driver refused to perform any field sobriety testing.

A search of the vehicle yielded an open box of wine on the front passenger seat; two empty containers holding marijuana shake (remnants of marijuana plants); a bottle of Jaegermeister in a backpack in the back seat; an additional cup of wine in the cup holder; and the empty cup the female driver had finished drinking from when stopped. The female driver fell asleep while being transported to the jail. A Mille Lacs Band officer met the trooper en route with a fingerprint scanner. The female driver allegedly kicked the officer while he attempted to get a fingerprint reading.

Upon arriving at the jail, the female driver reportedly continued to be antagonistic towards the male jailers but complimented the female jailer’s hair. The female driver again refused to identify herself and would not provide a fingerprint until placed in the restraint chair. The jail fingerprint scanner did not return a name. She allegedly gave several false names before finally identifying herself correctly.  Officers found her driving status was revoked.

A search warrant for the woman’s blood or urine was signed by a judge. She was taken to the hospital and informed that refusal to provide a blood or urine sample was an additional crime. She refused, and became upset when informed she could not drink water until the test was finished. One handcuff was removed for the blood draw. She refused to sit down and pushed the medical professional taking the sample. A blood sample was taken at 8:05 p.m. 

Beaulieu reportedly began to cry. She slipped out of her remaining handcuff and swung her arm, flipping the medical tray then flipping the medical cart on its side. As the trooper tried to restrain her, she bit his forearm. She continued to try to bite him. The trooper had a golf-ball sized swelling and a bruise where he was bitten. He was bleeding, with  clear teeth marks that broke the skin. Hospital personnel informed him he needed treating for his injuries.

A Carlton County deputy assisted. He confirmed the Silverado was stolen and that the owner did not know the female driver. 

Beaulieu faces 11 criminal charges: two felony fourth-degree assault charges, two felony fifth-degree assault charges, felony receiving stolen property, obstructing the legal process, giving peace officers a false name, refusal to submit to a blood test, DWI, open bottle and driving after revocation. She faces up to five years in prison and/or a $10,000 fine.


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