An estimated million gallons of water has gone missing from the water system in Sturgeon Lake according to seasonally required paperwork filed with the state of Minnesota. 

In a report from Paul Christensen of People Services, Inc. the missing water has not been located through listening to hydrants, has not turned up in the sewer system and is not apparent in an above ground location. Minnesota Rural Water will be in the city to try and determine the location of a suspected below ground leak that has resulted in the missing water. 

Christensen recommended that the city create a system of reading water meters to recognize and catch these types of leaks in the future. At present the city does not read water meters. An inventory of which buildings in town have meters was proposed by the council. After an inventory is created a system of scheduled meter readings to monitor for large scale usage and loss will be developed by the city. 

A brief discussion of other areas that have a fee for buildings within water and sewer districts was held. Christensen responded to a question from Mayor Todd Danelski about other cities or towns of a similar size having these fees in place. The city of Garrison is one serviced by People Services and has a flat fee for being within the sewer district. The lines and ability for properties to hook up to these services is there, so a fee is charged for this additional benefit to the property according to Christensen. 


On Tuesday, March 23 the council held a working meeting to discuss the zoning map being created by Tim Corby for the city of Sturgeon Lake. This meeting was in person for the council and city staff with nine individuals allowed in person at city hall according to social distancing guidelines. This meeting was held after the newspaper deadline for the March 25 edition of the Star-Gazette, more information about the meeting will be available in the April 1 edition of the paper. 

No motions can be made at this Tuesday meeting to comply with Open Meeting Laws. The public and those wishing to attend beyond the nine allowed with social distancing will be able to call into the meeting via Webex. There was a discussion of having a laptop present to allow for video streaming of the work session for the public as well. 

City Clerk Loralea Beede-Slocum asked for clarification from the council on the services and cost for the map being produced by Corby. The council decided that Beede-Slocum could contact Corby for a detailed invoice of his work thus far including costs. 

The city attorney will be

reviewing the Zoning Codes included with the League of Minnesota Cities Zoning Code which Sturgeon Lake is considering adopting. These codes were created in connection with the League of Minnesota Cities Basic Code which the council has already adopted. Review by the attorney was approved by the council to determine how properties that are presently in contradiction to the zoning codes within city limits at the time of adoption can be addressed by the council. 

Other news

Pizza Pub in Sturgeon Lake has a tentative opening date of April 1 according to owners Crystal Davis and Dan Walker. The council approved a liquor license for the business. 

Once the spring thaw is complete road grading will take place. The council discussed the merits of sending out grading equipment, but determined that with the frost level still high that they would need to wait. 

The city can collection bins were emptied and will be returned to the collection site soon. If this service is taken advantage of as a garbage dump site the council determined that it would be discontinued. New signage is being created to remind residents what donations are accepted at this site. 


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