After several months of vacancies Sturgeon Lake City Council received two letters of interest for the final open city council seat. 

Kenneth Grey and Chris Phillips submitted letters of interest for the council seat formerly held by Jessica Langhorst. The absence of council member Rick Lewis at the November meeting prompted the council to delay selecting one of the two community members to fill the two year vacancy. 

New council member Jason Swanson filled the vacancy left by Adam Langhorst at the October council meeting. This term is for four years. 

All appointed council members will need to run for re-election during the next regular election in 2021.  


City engineer Tim Korby was present to discuss the proposed updates made to the Sturgeon Lake Zoning Map. 

The council has been in the process of updating the zoning map in order to adopt the League of Minnesota Cities Basic Code. Several questions were raised by the council about city limits on the proposed map. 

Korby was given permission to continue investigating the boundaries of the map he presented to the council. 

Prior to final adoption the zoning map would need to be the subject of a public hearing. 

Land use permit

L&L Granite in Sturgeon Lake was present to discuss a land use permit that they submitted to convert two lots into a storage facility for the granite pieces currently located in front of their business. 

While there, members of the council asked about sewer usage at the business. Previously, Public Works Supervisor Mark Noyes had reported to the council that the baffle system at L&L Granite was not removing all granite particulates from the waste water entering the city sewer. This waste material is highly abrasive and was a cause for concern for Noyes. He reported that there was a possibility that the grinder pump that processed water from L&L Granite would be destroyed by the particulates entering the waste water lines. 

An entirely new system has been installed that collects all granite particulates in a bag in order for them to be removed from the water system. 

Other News

The council approved the purchase and installation of security cameras at city hall. With the theft of the gates at the water tower the council asked to have quotes for additional cameras to be installed at the water tower. This theft is the second time the water tower gates have been taken. 

Korby plans to begin working with state representatives in order to investigate the possibility of Sturgeon Lake qualifying for bonding funds from the state of Minnesota. 


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