Sturgeon Lake

The above map was provided at the working meeting for Sturgeon Lake City Council to review upcoming zoning map plans for the city. 


A zoning map for the city of Sturgeon Lake is being created. 

At a working meeting the city council, Vern Anderson, Tom Helfman reviewed the existing zoning for the city. This meeting was held in-person for city council members and up to nine individuals following Governor Walz and Minnesota Department of Health social distance guidelines. The public was allowed a call in option where they could listen into the meeting, no public comment was allowed as the microphone was muted for the meeting. 

There is not presently an official zoning map for the city of Sturgeon Lake. Zoning tags are assigned by the county when a property is entered into the mapping system, Beacon, these are not officially connected to codified zoning ordinances in city code. 

With the adoption of the League of Minnesota Cities Basic Code an official zoning map needs to be created. Working with the most recent city map, Mayor Tod Danelski and council member Rick Lewis created a tentative zoning map based on current residences, business locations and other property types. The map provided for illustration of any discussion at the meeting was made in 2002 according to estimates from the council. This map does not reflect the updated flood zone created by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) after the 2012 flooding.  

Prior to adoption the council will need to review the finalized map and hold a public hearing. City Engineer Tim Korby has been instructed by Danelski and Lewis to create a map based on their suggestions these suggestions were provided and a map requested in approximately February. The finalized map had not been completed for review at the March 23 working meeting. 

The hope is that the map created by Korby will be electronic and able to be updated as conditional use permits, new businesses and properties are added to the city. Zoning ordinances are part of the Basic Code, but prior to the adoption of these ordinances the city needs to have an established Zoning Map. 

During the meeting Vern Anderson, asked the council if there was a comprehensive plan for the city. Anderson suggested that the council look into contacting professionals to create one when he discovered that they did not have one. 

The next Sturgeon Lake City Council meeting is on April 13, 2021 at 6 p.m. This meeting is being held by call in option,  information for accessing the meeting can be found at the kiosk located outside of City Hall.

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