Power in Moose Lake has been returned to normal operations after a transformer failure earlier in the month. The transformer has been fully replaced at the Moose Lake Northern Substation of the Moose Lake Power Plant. 

The Moose Lake Chamber is tentatively beginning to plan summer events. Considering how other cities are proceeding is helping them make decisions about what shape events are taking. Fireworks for the annual Fourth of July display are being purchased by the City of Moose Lake. This year the city has decided to contract with Pyrotechnic Display Inc. for $10,000 to have them fire off the display. Usually the city purchases fireworks from Precocious Pyrotechnics and has volunteers shoot them off. A bid was requested from Precocious Pyrotechnics for both fireworks and the service of firing them, this bid was $14,000. The city determined that the Pyrotechnic Display Inc. bid was more appropriate and went with their services. A brief discussion about planning a fundraiser to cover the increased cost for the city took place. More plans for this will be coming during future meetings. 

Trail grants

The Trunk Highway 73 Trail/School Connection project design is 90% completed. A full report on the project design is expected at the next meeting after the Minnesota Department of Transportation and Minnesota Department of Natural Resources approves the final submitted design. City Administrator Katie Bloom is working on acquiring the necessary easements for the project to begin. 

Trees will be removed along Trunk Highway 73 for the beginning of construction of the Trunk Highway 73 trail project. Due to Minnesota Department of Transportation permitting the work will be completed by March 31. 

An increased price tag for the Soo Line Trail Reconstruction project was presented to the council. Increased fees for labor and equipment raised the price $10,950. This still falls within the projected overall budget of $200,000. The update was caused by a change in timeline from Fall of 2020 for the project construction to a new date of Spring 2021. Department of Natural Resources grant funding is being used to pay $150,000 of the project, with a required contribution of $50,000 from the city. 

Concerns over the conflict of the MS150 bike race coinciding with construction on this project were put at rest. The MS150 will end at Hinckley and be in the southern portion of the state this year due to COVID-19 concerns. If the project and race were to have coincided bicyclists would have been rerouted down Arrowhead Lane. 


Public Works

Despite warmer temperatures last week a reported six homes in town are being asked to continue running water to prevent pipes from freezing. Frost depth is reported at four to five feet. The Public Works Department is working to gear up for spring, they began patching potholes town. 

Moose Lake Police Department 

The owner of the former Moose Lake School building has been working with the Moose Lake Police Department to seal the building. Chief of Police Darren Juntunen has been working with the owner to prevent more vandalism from happening at the building. According to Juntunen during his last inspection of the building with the owner an estimated $1 million in damages have already been done to the building. 

Juntunen asked that anyone observing lights on in the building at night to report it to the Police Department. 

Community engagement calls in the month of February increased while the number of service hours at both Minnesota Sex Offender Program and the Department of Corrections have decreased. 

Sanitary Sewer Lining

Another sanitary sewer lining project is going out for bids from the city. An estimated 105 feet of clay piping with both 21 and 24 inch diameters is to be the focus of the upcoming project. 

Previous lining projects have saved the city significant funds. 

Other News

Fees for peddlers licenses and farmers market rentals have been changed to a daily fee of $20, a monthly fee of $40 and an annual fee of $75. 

Roof repairs for the community center were approved, costing $5,960.

Roof repairs for the Moose Lake Arena were approved, costing $2,855.


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