Pine County has set its 2021 property tax levy at $19,935,014, which is an increase of 3% over the 2020 property tax levy. 

Funds from the levy broken down by category include: 

• General Fund $11,331,441

• Health & Human Services Fund $3,983,214

• Road & Bridge (Highway) Fund $1,979,821

• Building Fund $25,000

• 2015A G.O. Jail Bond $1,171,695

• 2012/2020 G.O. Courthouse Bond $997,878

• 2017A CIP Bonds (Sandstone bldg.) $343,731

• Technology Equipment Fund $25,000

• Elections $77,234

The total proposed county budget for 2021, which includes state funds, federal funds and county revenue, is $46,739,013. Total revenues for Pine County are $46,644,415 and total expenditures are $46,759,968. 

Raises for Pine County attorney, sheriff

Pine County Sheriff Jeff Nelson and Pine County Attorney Reese Frederickson presented their 2021 salary requests to the Pine County Board of Commissioners. 

 The commissioners approved a 2021 salary for the county attorney of $130,987.17, a 5.89% increase. 

The commissioners approved a 2021 salary of $117,938 for the sheriff, a 3.5% increase.

County Commissioner salaries for 2021

The 2020 salary for members of the Pine County Board of Commissioners was $21,844 and for the board chair it was $23,044. No increase was proposed for 2021.

The per diem rate is $100 per meeting for commissioners in 2021, the same as it was in 2020.

Commissioners are also paid for mileage. The 2020 rate was $0.575/mile. The 2021 rate has not yet been released by the IRS. 

Per diem for committee members

Individuals appointed to represent the county on various committees are entitled to claim per diem and mileage expenses for attending official meetings of the board/committee, including the following:

• Planning Commission

• HHS Advisory 

• Extension Committee

• Library

• Community Health Advisory

• County HRA

• Probation Advisory Committee

• Pine County Chemical Health Coalition

Each member may claim a per diem of $75 for each committee meeting they attend. 

They may also claim mileage reimbursement at the IRS rate for business mileage. The 2020 rate was $0.575/mile. The 2021 rate has not yet been released by the IRS. 

Purchasing from Mohr Parts and Supplies Inc.

The county board also approved purchasing from Mohr Parts and Supplies Inc. 

As presented in the background information on the item, District Two Pine County Commissioner Joshua Mohr is the owner of the Napa Auto Parts store in Pine City. Pine  County, consistent with its “buy local” policy, has historically purchased parts from the store.

Minnesota statutes prohibit a county commissioner from having direct or indirect interest in business with the county. The exception is that a county commissioner may engage in business with the county where the county board, by unanimous vote, allows the business transactions and that such transactions do not require a bid according to Minnesota law. Because the total annual purchases are $25,000 or less, a bid is not required. 

The Pine County Board of Commissioners approved the item. Mohr abstained from the vote. 


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