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Piloting the intervention program RISE for Moose Lake second graders has significantly raised literacy rates. 

During the December school board meeting, RISE was presented as one of the resources targeting the deficiencies of elementary students.  

“The program is rich with literature and it’s fun to teach,” said second grade teacher Joanne Unzen. 

RISE is a powerful, short-term intervention with targeted small group instruction for reading, comprehension, work study, phonics and guided writing. 

This program is used in addition to the core curriculum of Scholastic Reading. 

The framework of RISE is broken into a three-tiered system of support. In general, 80% of students should be Tier 1 as the base of students identified as average/above average, tier 2 would include 10-25% who struggle and are below benchmarks and tier 3 is the top of the pyramid that would represent less than 10% of students identified with special education needs. 

RISE is a 6-8 weeklong program designated for tiers 2 and 3 that offers daily instruction for students who are reading below grade-level benchmarks. 

Reading levels for Moose Lake students have been are significantly below grade-level benchmarks. 

In September 2021, only 40% of students were able to read at their appropriate grade level and 50% qualified as needing special education. 

“We targeted students in grade 2 with this intervention plan because this group of students have endured significant in-person learning loss during their reading developmental years,” said Principal Kraig Konietzko.

After 5 weeks of RISE intervention, students rose on average three reading levels; rapidly dropping tier 3 needs for special individualized instruction in half. 

Untzen said, “The kids are confident, and parents are commenting on the progress. The children have found a love and interest in reading.” 

Ann Stephenson, title one teacher added, “It’s brought communication and collaboration for all of us as staff; teachers are feeling supported and successful.” 

Going forward, RISE will be implemented with the first graders beginning January 2022 and second graders will continue with current RISE practices. Grades 1 and 2 are the focus groups in effort to prepare for the 3rd grade MCA assessments. RISE- Up is an equivalent intervention designed for older students and will be piloted for grades 3 and 6 in addition to identifying a continuity map for targeted intervention. It is anticipated that RISE will be a collaborative effort with the Legacy of Excellence summer programming. 

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