June 26, those voting absentee or by mail can begin casting their ballots in the 2020 Primary Election. 

On the ballot for the August 11 election are candidates for United States Senator and candidates for United States Representative.

In person voting is still available, but since 2016 Minnesota has been a state that does not require a reason for selecting to submit a ballot by mail. With COVID-19 still impacting social situations and public health voting absentee is a great way to maintain social distancing to still vote.

Submit an application to get a ballot mailed. This can be done by mail or via an online process, the online application can be found at mnvotes.sos.state.mn.us/ABRegistration/ABRegistrationStep1.aspx and is often processed faster than paper requests.

For some mail balloting may already be happening in your township or area. If this is the case for your community then a paper ballot and application will be sent to you automatically. The list of Carlton County mail in ballot areas include:


Corona Township

Holyoke Township

Lakeview Township

Red Clover Township

Split Rock Township


Beseman Township


Kalevala Township

Mahtowa Township

Sawyer Township


Clear Creek Township

Eagle Township

Kettle River

Progress Township

Silver Brook Township

Wrenshall Township

Official election materials mailing symbol

This symbol should appear on official election materials. This allows the Post Office to process mailing with this symbol according to appropriate protocols.

Here some tips on how to vote by mail.

  • Read the instructions that come with your voting packet.
  • Complete the registration paperwork included in the voter packet.
  • Inside the voter packet there will be a registration envelope. Due to COVID-19 the need for a witness signature has been waived for registered voters. If you are registering to vote while sending in your absentee ballot, you will need a witness to sign the envelope. The witness simply needs to sign the envelope after certifying that your ballot arrived to you blank.
  • Some nonprofit groups are mailing paper absentee ballot applications out, as long as these have the official voter certified image on them (shown above) they are legitimate applications for voting.
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