A regional plan for Solid Waste Management has gained support of the Carlton County Board of Commissioners at the August 11th Regular Meeting. Solid Waste Officers from Aitkin, Carlton, Cook, Lake, Itasca, Koochiching, the WLSSD, and the remainder of St. Louis County have been meeting to originate the plan and set the cost of sharing such a plan for solid waste.

Up to this time Carlton County’s solid waste has ended up in a landfill outside of Superior, Wisconsin. Life of that facility has been extended for a couple of years to give the people of the Arrowhead Country time to find a long term solution.

“It is more costly to go it alone,” commented Environmental Services Administrator Heather Cunningham. “Carlton County’s share is 11% to a high of 42% for WLSSD. A grant proposal is being submitted to the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency to cover half of the cost of a new plan.”

$10,000 was allocated into the 2020 budget and remaining funds will come from revenue generated by the Transfer Station. Future costs for operation of the new proposal have not been addressed.

In other County news:

  Enbridge got an approval from the County Board for an Interim Permit to use the site of Omar’s Sand and Gravel, once known as the old Oraskovich farm, for pipe storage during the reconstruction of Line 3. The permit allows for use of the site 24-7 and allows for an office and trailers for storage. No one will live at the site. The Planning Commission had approved the proposal earlier.

SKB/Shamrock has the new brush disposal contract for container and removal service for the next three years at $250 per container. This was a reduction from $325 per container from the last contract.  Shamrock chips and covers its landfill in Aitkin County with that material.

  The Board gave approval after the Planning Commission’s support to give the Fond Du Lac Band a lease permit to install a 230/23 kV electrical substation in the area of the Carlton Junction. MPL has said they are in active discussions with the Fond Du Lac Band and is hoping to resolve any differences. Several permits on the State level need to be approved before construction of the substation starts.

  During the Planning Commission’s hearing Bruno Zagar representing the Fond Du Lac Band was present to answer any questions. The question was raised why MPL was not providing the substation and power line. Zagar indicated the nearest substation is 10 miles away and it needs to be upgraded as well. He indicated the Band has been studying the issue for six years.

  Access of from Hwy 210 will go to the south from the Carlton Travel Center and the Band would like to obtain a grant from the Federal government to enable a fast timeline for submission.

  Jeffrey and Sheri Herman received a permit to alter an existing slope on the shores of Chub Lake. A terraced safety wall will be installed. Mr. Herman said he almost flipped his trailer in an earlier incident. There is 16 feet of elevation from the lake to the house. The hill will be terraced every two feet and only native plants will be installed. An engineer and general contractor will do the work.


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