Road work on Fourth Street is in the early stages of planning. 

The City of Moose Lake and its engineers have identified Fourth Street to house 212 as the top priority for street repair according to criteria including infrastructure underneath the roadway, road condition, traffic and other factors. Estimates for a road construction project were given as three options along Fourth Street to the Moose Lake City Council. The three options: Fourth Street to house 212, Fourth Street from Douglas to Birch and Fourth Street from Elm Avenue to the city campground were presented to the council. After consideration, the council determined that they would go ahead with the project from Douglas Avenue to Birch Avenue. 

Some key points for choosing this option were that soon the campground parking lot would need to be redone, and the remainder of Fourth Street could be completed at that time. This project would be completed using revenue from the campground. Completing only two blocks was not enough of a project for the council to feel comfortable disrupting the neighborhood.

The estimated cost for this project is $1.3 million. The projected sales tax income for Moose Lake is $1 million. The pricing for materials has in some cases almost doubled according to Tyler Yngsdal an engineer with the firm employed by the city, Short Elliot Hendrickson Inc. There is the possibility that the material cost could go down, but for planning purposes, using the present costs was recommended. 

City Water update

The middle stages of the second lining project in Moose Lake are underway. This part of the project involves physically lining the pipes. Completion of this project is estimated to be mid-August. 

The water tower painting is set to begin this week. The final color and design were selected and the project will move forward beginning July 19.  

The new well house project is nearing the very end stages. Well capping was discussed by the council. The oldest wells are being temporarily capped to ensure complete full operation on the new wells.  

All-Terrain Vehicles

Earl Ellens Drive near the Riverside Arena and the Moose Lake Depot and Fires of 1918 parking lot have seen an increase in dangerous ATV traffic. During one weekend a reported 37 stops were made by Moose Lake Police Department. Concerns about excessive speed and reckless driving were brought to the council. Increasing education about ATV safety, appropriate routes and trails will continue in a large-scale effort between the Moose Lake Police Department, ATV clubs, the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources and many other concerned parties.


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