Minnesota forbearers trapping zone map

Above is a map of the Northern and Southern Furbearer Zones used to determine trapping licensing in Minnesota . 


Vandalism at the Carlton County Fair Grounds lead to a drop in water pressure, and a dangerously low water level for the City of Barnum. 

At about 3 a.m. a fire hydrant was opened at the fairgrounds and left to run. Water pressure alarms notified Public Works Superintendent, Brett Collier. The hydrant was closed and pressure was later restored. Hydrant locks for the nearest fire hydrants are being discussed with the fire department. 

A new handheld water meter reader, and the software update was purchased by the city for approximately $15,000. This amount includes a monthly subscription to the company’s cloud service. Water meters are still able to be read digitally and city workers do not need to enter homes to read smaller water meters. Commercial sizes still need to be read in person. This is the first time in 11 years that the city has updated their equipment according 

to Collier, usually handheld meter readers only have a life of six years. “They were surprised this one was still working,” said Collier. 

A change order and pay application for nearly $17,000 was submitted to the council by contractors working on the Barnum City Complex. The council determined that this pay application should be removed from the consent agenda and discussed further. 

The application was for a change in treated lumber height at the base of walls in the new complex. Initially this part of the building was constructed with treated lumber at six inches high. The city architect requested that this six inch height be changed to eight inches to bring the building to code. Construction was completed without the two inch change, and the contractor submitted the $17,000 change application to the city for payment. After further discussion, the council agreed that they needed to discuss this further before a decision was reached. Several members agreed that they thought that the city should not be responsible for the change as their representative, the city architect, requested the change prior to construction.

Complications over the process of advertising for bids to demolish the existing buildings arose at the meeting. Current Barnum City Clerk/Treasurer Shelley Hagen is going to reach out to former City Clerk/Treasurer Bernadine Reed for more information. 

Council members agreed that there had to be a way to proceed without the engineering firm and architect recommendation of consulting another engineer on the demolition. Buildings within the city of Barnum had been demolished in city projects before without an engineer consultation.  

Wayne Seronin wanted to ask the council if he and Brett Collier could use the city park. They plan to host a technical, skills based training course that pairs with online courses at the park so that others can complete their certification for trapping licenses. Collier was present to discuss with the council what the plans were. Those wanting to trap small game that are born after 1989 need to take both an online course and an in person certification. Collier and Seronin are both certified instructors who can teach the in person portion of the required training. The training will be later in the year, most likely around September. Council members were pleased that trainings like this were being hosted locally and readily agreed that they could use the park.

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