The City of Barnum held a regular City Council meeting Tuesday, Sept. 15th.  The meeting began with guest Jessica Green from Northland Security to discuss finances on the build-out of the Barnum liquor store.  The company plans to split the project into two resolutions and has allowed for two bond sales:  series A and series B.  

The bonds will be purchased directly from the city at 1.395 million with a low interest rate of 2.20 percent, making this an ideal time to borrow.  The project that will fund not only a liquor store update/expansion will also house a facility/space which will be used as a multi-purpose area for the city.  The contracting is set to be done by Sept. of 2021, but the final completion date is set for June of 2022 offering flexibility on the project.

Bear Lake Campground will wrap up the 2020 season as of Oct. 3rd-4th.  The last day for campers to turn in keys will be Oct. 5th.  The campground has designated three camp sites for weekenders so locals can still camp if desired.  A painted stop sign, a new “Dogs Must Be on a Leash” sign, and lawn mowing are some of the recent completed projects at the grounds.

Long time City Council staff member Bernadine Reed submitted her letter of resignation and the council approved her resignation.  A job posting with a description for the city treasurer will be posted in order to replace Reed.

Austin Berg from the Fire Department also submitted a letter of resignation; the council approved his resignation.

The Meyer Group submitted a proposal to modify their contract eight to twelve percent, the motion was approved.

Council staff member Brett Collier announced one-quarter of the town had sewer cleaning done.  There are six mobile homes in town the city has no access to in order to clean water pipes.  As of now, the city adds chlorine, polyphosphate, and fluoride to the water.  Collier is waiting for the grounds to freeze before he can remove chipping from pipes.  

Collier is open to discuss creating different methodologies for water problems as concerns he was unaware of have been brought to his attention during the council meetings.

The Barnum Municipal bar and liquor store had a state inspection. All Covid-19 issues were covered and there were no issues with the facility in regards to health and safety procedures.  The sales for the Barnum Municipal Liquor have been below usual business level—occupancy is low due to COVID-19  and with no County Fair or Spring Fever days this year low-business was inevitable.  The bar sales are down thirty percent, but the charitable gambling is up.  The consensus for the 2020-21 budget was approved.

The next meeting will be held on Monday, Oct. 12, 2020.

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