The following students have been named to the 2020 Dean's Lists at the following colleges:

Northwest Technical College (a Grade Point Average of 3.5 is required)

Devin Bonkoski of Sturgeon Lake is majoring in Electrical Construction 

Fond du Lac Tribal and Community College (a GPA of 3.0 is required)

Tricia Gottschalk of Barnum

Arraya Laitinen of Barnum

Mercedes Loney-Adams of Barnum 

Austin Parker of Barnum 

Darlene Bobrowski of Brookston 

Elijah Blue of Carlton

Megan Bodin of Carlton

Saydee Clemens of Carlton 

Calli Rosier of Carlton

Benjamin Talarico of Carlton 

Ahna Anderson of Cloquet 

Hailey Anderson of Cloquet 

Peggy Armstrong of Cloquet 

Dawnis Braddick of Cloquet 

Nevaeh Bridge of Cloquet 

Chloe Danielson of Cloquet 

Katherine Defibaugh of Cloquet 

Brooke Defoe of Cloquet 

Shania DeLille of Cloquet 

Terace Diver of Cloquet 

Lindsey Dunaiski of Cloquet 

Sarah Durfee of Cloquet 

Eric Enerson of Cloquet 

Mikayla Freeman of Cloquet 

Samirra Glass of Cloquet 

Ava Grondahl of Cloquet 

Melissa Groth of Cloquet 

Jillena Hanson of Cloquet 

Alana Hill of Cloquet 

Braden Holty of Cloquet 

Taylor Houle of Cloquet 

Tyler Koskela of Cloquet 

Emily Lockling of Cloquet 

Marcus Malin of Cloquet 

Kylie McKeon of Cloquet 

Cedar Melby of Cloquet 

Gary Miskwaa Bineshii of Cloquet 

Jessica OLeary of Cloquet 

Jordan Paulson of Cloquet 

Darren Petite of Cloquet 

Erik Petoletti of Cloquet 

Clarence Rainey of Cloquet 

Brianna Reynolds of Cloquet 

Elizabeth Rilea of Cloquet 

Bailey Robinson of Cloquet 

John Roterman of Cloquet 

Maria Sajdak of Cloquet 

Ellen Sakellariou of Cloquet 

Antonio Sarazua of Cloquet 

Jacqueline Schafter of Cloquet 

Alexis Schroeder of Cloquet 

Luke Stillwell of Cloquet 

Evan Streblow of Cloquet 

Joshua Sutherland of Cloquet 

Angela Teigland of Cloquet 

Nichole Theisen of Cloquet 

Alberto Torres of Cloquet 

Kaitrin Ward of Cloquet 

Katherine Welman of Cloquet 

Justin Young of Cloquet 

Dakota Burton of Cromwell 

Jeremiah Greene of Cromwell 

Chase Ableiter of Duluth 

Zayne Anderson of Duluth 

Austin Backlund of Duluth 

Campbell Bergstedt of Duluth 

Nicholas Canelake of Duluth 

Vicki Chaffee of Duluth 

Marcus Childs of Duluth 

Dylan Crist of Duluth 

Joseph Cullen of Duluth 

April Flatt of Duluth 

Christopher Gower of Duluth 

Zachary Haldorson-Horton of Duluth 

Krista Hall of Duluth 

Jennifer Hoffman of Duluth 

Marisa Milczark of Duluth 

Amanda Miller of Duluth 

Dylon Morrison of Duluth 

Key Powless of Duluth 

Gianna Presley-Baum of Duluth 

December Simmons of Duluth 

Anthony St. Clair of Duluth 

Valerie Zhaawendaagozikwe of Duluth 

Sheila Belland of Esko

Dariano Giancola of Esko 

Dezaray Haberling of Esko 

Scott LaVoie od Esko 

Avery Liljegren of Esko 

Mylee Montminy of Esko 

Lucas Pyrlik of Esko 

Morgan Scofield of Esko 

Kera Zahurones of Floodwood 

Jared Cleveland of Hermantown

Isabelle Germolus of Hermantown

Samantha Lewis of Hermantown

Collin O’Toole of Hermantown

Julius Aubid of Hinckley 

Abby Gerhardson of Hinckley 

Jada Montano of Hinckley 

University of Minnesota Twin Cities (a GPA of 3.66 is required)

 Levi Skelton from Moose Lake is a Junior, College of Design

 Elizabeth Ring from Sturgeon Lake is a Senior, College of Food, Agriculture & Natural Resource Science

 Alena Wallin from Sturgeon Lake is a Sophomore, College of Food, Agriculture & Natural Resource Science

Bemidji State University (a GPA of between 3.5 and 3.99 is required)

 Hunter Lake of Barnum 

 Sarone Paulzine of Barnum  

 Mallory Agurkis of Barnum 

 Lexi Fuglestad of Barnum 

 Tanner Fuglestad of Barnum 

 Geana Guillard of Barnum 

 Samantha Hansen of Cromwell 

 Mollie Chalberg of Mahtowa

 Lilli Skelton of Moose Lake 

 Faith Weber of Sturgeon Lake

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