Election 2020

Townships, cities and school boards will officially canvass and accept appointments for positions on November 12 and 13. The Minnesota Secretary of State will be canvassing election results on November 24 for official results in Minnesota races. The results below are all found on the Minnesota Secretary of State site. All results available have been updated as of November 11. Results are not official until the completion of canvassing. Write-in results are not available on the Secretary of State page. 

Presidential race results are listed as country totals and results have been taken from the Associated Press map. These results are presently unofficial. 

 For more information on races in your area go to the Minnesota Secretary of State website Election Results page at  https://electionresults.sos.state.mn.us/20201103

*This is an ongoing story and subject to change.*


National Race Results

Presidential and Vice Presidential Popular Vote- Joe Biden and Kamala Harris 50.8%, Donald Trump and Mike Pence 47.5%

Presidential Electoral- Joe Biden and Kamala Harris 290, Donald Trump and Mike Pence 217

(All states except Georgia have been officially called. Results for the Presidential race are from the Associated Press.)

United States Senator from Minnesota- Tina Smith 48.74%, Jason Lewis 43.49%

United States Representative from Minnesota District 8- Pete Stauber, Quinn Nystrom


State Race Results

Minnesota State Senate District 11- Jason Rarick 56.58%, Michelle Lee 43.33%

Associate Justice- Supreme Court 4- Paul Thissen 59.04%, Michelle MacDonald 40.62%


Carlton County Race Results

Minnesota State Representative District 11 A- Mike Sundin 51.41%, Jeff Dotseth 48.48%

Carlton County Commissioner District 1- Dick Brenner 61.58%, Erick Blesener 38.20%

Carlton County Commissioner District 4- Gary E. Peterson 66.99%, Alex French 32.88%

Soil and Water Supervisor District 4- Kim Samuelson 53.28%, Dan Reed 46.29%


Pine County Race Results

Minnesota State Representative District 11 B- Nathan Nelson 65.34%, Jack Frechette 34.62%

Pine County Commissioner District 3- Terry Lovgren 54.43%, Steve Chaffe 49.06%

Pine County Commissioner District 4- J.J. Waldhalm 50.7%, John B. Mikrot, Jr. 49.06%

Solid and Water Supervisor District 3- Kelly Henry 51.24%, Brenna Doheny 48.18%


City Race Results


Council Members (Elect 2)- Dale Riihiluoma 49.14%, Darrel Berry 46.57%


Mayor- Denny Molgaard 97.87%

Council Members (Elect 2)- Jack Ring 45.95%, Edith Dode Molgaard 48.65%


Mayor- Mike Soderstrom 97.78%

Council Members (Elect 2)- Heather MacDonald 46.21%, Ryan Schmidt 53.36%


Mayor- Sharon Zelazny 93.88%

Council Members (Elect 2)- Edwin Raisanen 48.24%, Lisa Irving 51.18%


Mayor- Thomas Price 94.44%

Council Members (Elect 2)- Michael G. Drahosh 50.73%, Nadine Hedtke 43.90%


Mayor- Daniel Adams, Sr. 89.29%

Council Member-  Joseph Workman 96.67%

City Clerk- Jennie Adams 89.29%

Kettle River

Mayor- David Lucas 96.05%

Council Members (Elect 2)- Monique Doward 68.69%

Special Election for Kettle River Council Member- Guy Patrick Collier 97.18%

Moose Lake 

Mayor- Ted Shaw 96.55%

Council Members (Elect 2)- Kristin Heaton Huso 36.78%, Greg Sarvela 32.11%, James Michalski 29.61%

Sturgeon Lake

Mayor- Todd C. Danelski 90.11%

Council Members (Elect 2)- Jessica Langhorst 48.90%, Erica Rasmussen 46.69%


All candidates were for the Mayoral, Council Member and Treasurer positions Write-In and not listed on the Secretary of State website.

Willow River

Mayor- Brent Switzer 97.27%

Council Members (Elect 2)- Chris Ketchmark 55.40%, Kevin McGreanor 42.09%


Township Race Results 

Atkinson Township

Town Supervisor at Large- Leonard F. Anderson 99.5%

Barnum Township 

Town Supervisor at Large- Thomas L. Duesler 99.16%

Town Clerk- Kristina Asperheim 99.66%

Beaver Township

Town Supervisor B- Chad Huhta 100%

Town Supervisor C- Allen Askevold 100%

Town Clerk- Linda Osiecki

Special Election for Town Treasurer- Linda Thoms 100%

Blackhoof Township

Town Supervisor at Large- Clayton Kauppila 62%, Roger Hurd 37.64%

Town Clerk- Kimberly Carlson 99.61%

Kalevala Township

Town Supervisor Seat A- John B Gran 98.53%

Town Supervisor Seat C- Lee Naylor 96.24%

Town Treasurer- Mary Stenson 97.83%

Mahtowa Township

Township Supervisor Seat B- Emma Higby 98.83%

Town Clerk- James Haley 96.99%

Moose Lake Township

Town Supervisor Seat B- Robert Moffett Jr. 99.16%

Town Clerk- Raenee Bennett 97.97 %

Pine Lake Township

Town Supervisor Seat 1- Wayne C. Miller 100%

Town Supervisor Seat 2- Heather Landreville 99.17%

Prairie Lake Township

Town Supervisor Seat 1- Sandra Siuesta 96.43%

Town Supervisor Seat 2- Paul Tomala 100%

Town Clerk- Julie Langenbrunner 96.55%

Silver Township

Town Supervisor Seat A- Jeremy Grimm 98.67%

Town Clerk- Mark Carlson 98.73%

Skelton Township

Town Supervisor at Large- Bruce Benson 54.28%, James Charboneau 45.43%

Town Treasurer- Corina Newman 98.17%

Split Rock Township

Town Supervisor Seat B- Kevin Tomczak 98.80%

Town Supervisor Seat C- Philip Jurek 98.77%

Town Clerk- Kenneth L. Halverson 98.78%

Sturgeon Lake Township

Town Supervisor Seat 1- Bernard Zuk 55.74%, James Magdziarz 24.04%, Chab Habermann 19.13%

Town Clerk- Nedene Kuhlman 96.77%

Windemere Township

Special Election for Town Supervisor Seat A- Mark Dunaski 98.81%

Town Supervisor Seat B- Heidi Kroening 96.80%

Town Clerk- Cindy Woltjer 51.18%, Jason Haukland 48.37%


School Board Race Results

Barnum School Board

Elect 4- Louis Bonneville 22.51%, Beth Dinger 20.84%, James Fuglestad 20.75%, Stephanie Ferrin 18.30%, Brian Collins 16.37%

Carlton School Board

Elect 3- Eryn Szymczak 47.91%, Timothy A. Hagenah 43.24%

Cromwell-Wright School Board

Elect 3- Timothy L. Homstad 28.10%, Brian Granholm 28.06%, Tristan T. Johnson 21.18%, Bruce Schoenberg 20.72%

Moose Lake School Board

Elect 3- Lisa Anderson-Reed 27.20%, Benjamin Anderson 25.74%, Jerry Pederson 23.10%, Donna Kirk 22.83%

Willow River School Board

Elect 3- Connie Mikrot 33.01%, Sonja Roach 32.98%, Jennifer Burlak 21.19%, Aziz Al-Arfaj 12.36%

Wrenshall School Board

Elect 3- Misty Bergman 27.25%, Alice M. Kloepfer 26.49%, Nicole Krisak 23.90%, Karola Dalen 20.06%


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