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 By Wick Fischer    Opinion    June 21, 2018

A Gavillon wedding

A line of shuttle buses filled to the brim with wedding revelers took a right turn down Gavillon Road until it reached the ranch that could only be described as “a new compound made in the ancient...

 By Wick Fischer    Opinion    June 14, 2018

A different ESP

There are no psychics in my story. No one will be here to tell your future. The best known version of ESP (Extra Sensory Perception) remains conspicuously absent. There is a lesser used acronym of...

 By Wick Fischer    Opinion    June 7, 2018

Pallor in Lawler

Pallor: extreme paleness as in fear of death. Recently a wave of pallor cast its shadow over the tiny Minnesota village known as Lawler. Although Dave Wilen wasn't one of its Founding Fathers, he was...

 By Wick Fischer    Opinion    May 24, 2018

An Enemy of the People

Although Henrik Ibsen was a well-known playwright in the late 19th century, little would he imagine that in the 21st century his high-intensity drama “An Enemy of the People” would remain as...

 By Wick Fischer    Opinion    May 17, 2018

Rich man blues

“I woke up this morning, both my cars were gone. I stumbled past my swimming pool, threw my drink across the lawn. I got the blues. I got those rich man blues.” I first heard this catchy little...

 By Wick Fischer    Opinion    May 10, 2018

Country Joe

This week I received an email in which the writer pointed out a mistake I had made in a former column. Once in a while, a band will come up with major hit. The lead singer will get all of the credit w...

 By Wick Fischer    Opinion    May 3, 2018

Time to face our mortality

I enter my office and flick on the radio. An old song from the past is playing. I’m thinking to myself about how ironic the moment has become. This is writing day for me and all morning I’ve been...

 By Wick Fischer    Opinion    April 26, 2018

Summer in the city

In the summer of 1966, the hit that topped the music charts began as a poem John Sebastian penned for a high school literature class. He formed the band called The Lovin’ Spoonful and for three...

 By Wick Fischer    Opinion    April 19, 2018

An upward trend in MN sports

There certainly has been plenty of weather to write about this year. The same goes for politics. At least for today, I can simply change the subject matter to something more pleasant and write about...

 By Wick Fischer    Opinion    April 12, 2018

Another brick in the wall

“The last time I crossed the Mexican-U.S. border illegally, Americans were celebrating the Bicentennial, while my wife and I were celebrating our winter employment at the Hilton Inn as 20-something...

 By Wick Fischer    Opinion    April 5, 2018

Where's my wallet?

We’ve all done it! The sinking feeling in the gut happens before you even realize it. It’s a silent scream. “Where’s my wallet?!” I lead with my left. My right arm follows. Hands and elbows...


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