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Jim and Mary Sanders will be putting up corn stalks on the light poles again this month. If you would like to adopt a light pole to decorate for fall, let Mary know.

My grandmother used to say “Don’t feed a stray cat unless you want it to be yours to feed.”  I found myself saying that to several people in the last month.  I was driving through Barnum about a month ago and saw a guy at the four way stop with a sign that said that he needed money for his f…

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Question:I have noticed cars that have a high-mounted center brake light that flashes about four times before becoming steadily lit (like other brake lights). I’m seeing car dealers are installing them on some cars. Are these flashing lights legal?


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Leif Eggen, 55, passed away on Monday, Sept. 5, 2022. 

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Renee Lees, 71, died unexpectedly Tuesday, Aug. 30, 2022 with …