December 12, 2013 | Volume 118, Issue No. 450

Trophy buck

Ryan Vogel shot this 15-point, 185 pound buck northeast of Willow River on November 11, which happened to be Vogel's 20th birthday. Vogel is the son of Theresa Dobosenski. Late that afternoon, Dobosenski texted her son to ask if he was warm since he was on a portable, open stand and it was a windy, bitter cold day. Vogel texted back with, "Yep, I'm prepared for this," says Dobosenski. "Ryan did prepare for the weather that afternoon, but I don't think he was prepared to bag this beauty," she says.

submitted by Theresa Dobosenski

Last year, Vogel shot a 10-point, 205 pound buck at his father Steve Vogel's land east of Moose Lake.

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