February 7, 2013 | Volume 118, Issue No. 6

'Us and Them'

Under the direction of Karen Sheldon, Barnum High School theater presented "Us and Them," a one-act play by David Campton, on January 31 at the school. In the play, two groups of wanderers arrive at a location simultaneously that they'd both like to settle. The groups agree to share the land, but build a wall between their territories. Conflict and mistrust grow throughout the play, with the groups eventually taking down the wall.

Dan Lingle
Cast and crew: Gus Klaskin (Recorder), Sherry Webb (Recorder), Brandon Anderson (Group A), Emily Laitinen (Group A), Lyric Lekander (Group A), Ashley Olbekson (Group A Spokesman), Amanda Fisher (Group B), April Laitinen (Group B), Rae Bellecourt (Group B), Ryan Westerberg (Group B Spokesman) and Jared Bush (lights crew).

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